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Alarm monitoring and intervention management platform

ERGO iSense One

AC and DC alarm sensing module with GSM transmission

Monitorization alarms Ergo iSense One

Is a physical device installed at the monitored location, which allows the sensing of AC or DC signals emitted by other equipment or sensors, and then transmits these signals to the Ergo Watch monitoring center using GSM communication tehnology.

Designed to be mounted in almost any scenario and environment.

Simple installation, easy configuration, cheap maintenance.

Equipment of monitorization alarms

Created with multiple security measures against false triggers and secure communication to ensure that alarms reach the platform and cannot be defrauded.

Multiple configuration modes for the inputs, thus it's able to handle a wide variety of types of alarm signals.

Using any GSM network in any country, it transmits the recorded alarms to the Ergo Watch monitoring platform in seconds.

The power supply of the Ergo iSense One monitoring equipment is directly from the mains supply, in the voltage range of 110-230V AC, so it doesn't require other power sources or transformers.

Equipment of monitorization alarms

ERGO iSense Two

Proportional signal capture equipment 4-20mA and 0-10V DC,

with GSM transmission

Monitorization alarms Ergo iSense Two

It aquires all the functionalities that Ergo iSense One has, but what distinguishes it is the fact that instead of reading on / off signals, it interprets proportional signals from sensors or other equipment.

Ergo iSense Two reads singals on the standard 4-20mA și 0-10V DC, to which different interpretations can then be set.

Multiple rules can be set by which an alarm can be triggered, with ranges of values, overruns, etc.

It periodically transmits its read values (even if they are not alarms) to the monitoring center for easy real time traking.

Ergo Watch Platform

Universal platform for alarm monitoring and intervention management in real time.

Monitoring platform

Complete monitoring platform

The monitoring interface is accessible from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

You have your own monitoring center by setting up multiple screens for real time viewing of monitored points.

Full control over the information displayed, and the management mode of triggered alarms.

Visual and audio alerts when an alarm is triggered.

Automatic management of intervation teams.

Monitoring platform
User access levels

Complete control through multiple access levels

By defining roles within the organization, the platform allows control of user access to the smallest detail on different parts of the application.

Each role, from Installer to Manager has specific responsibilities, and the user interface optimizes the tasks workflow for each user type.

Detailed statistics

Detailed statistics

The platform offers the posiblity to view statistics of alarm cases, from how many cases were opened in the last week and in the last 24 hours, up to the rate of solving them, all in real time.

Managers and operators can easily monitor the progress of the work that's being done, that each installer is progressing at the required speed, and can relocate resources to intervene if necessary.

Detailed statistics

Ergo Watch App

The mobile application that allows easy configuration of equipment and management of alarms.

Mobile application Ergo Watch App

Mobile application for installers

Allows teams of technicians to quickly and easily install and configure Ergo iSense One equipment.

It communicates directly with the Ergo Watch platform to obtain the necessary configurations automatically for each installation location, eliminating the possibility of human error.

It facilitates the efficient management of alarms , by opening the alarm case directly from the application, with both location history and possible notes from other installers who have worked there before.

Any update performed on an alarm is propagated in real time throughout the platform, so operators and managers can instantly find out the progress of work and interventions.

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